UFC fighter Donald "cowboy" Cerrone

Donald Cerrone is 30 years of age and also known as "cowboy" standing 6'0ft tall and weighing 150lbs with a professional MMA record of 19 wins and 5 loses. He started MMA with and amazing muay thai/kickboxing base he landed himself in WEC his first fight against Kenneth Alexander originally the cowboy won via submission with 56 seconds left in the first round but that decision was changed after cerrone tested positive for a banned substance now im not sure what substance exactly but I know thats what happened since then Cerrone has had nine WEC fights before getting into the UFC February 5,2011 he won his UFC debut against paul kelly. Hes had six UFC fights up to this point. He also has an up coming fight this Saturday against kj noons its going to be good believe me.I think Donald Cerrone has a pretty big fan base because hes an entertainer hes kind of like that bad boy with that I dont care attitude and I think thats what fight fans want to see him much like the diaz brothers but Cerrone said he does it the whole being rude thing for promotion purposes so people can hype the fight in hoping dana will make the fight happen like how he did to Anthony pettis I dont think hes a bad man hes just smart and knows how the business works. Donald Cerrone is another favorite MMA fighter of mine and He's a very much a fighter to watch and respect .


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