I'm going to start off by saying Hello I am not yet willing to show my real name but You can refer to my as "Your Blogger Bro" much like other people on this site im just here to entertain you...the viewer... I have alot of information and stories to offer im starting this simple blog to express myself to the people and if your not intrested then thats fine but I will say you're going to miss out on some pretty funny,weird and amusing stuff. 

NOW! on to more important things (in my opinion) im a guy whos been doing jujitsu,boxing and muay thai for almost three years and never once have I said "this isn't for me" or "this is boring" I absolutely love doing this even though I've gotten hurt in training  or sparring this is a passion also im not an active fighter yet but I will be. 

These blogs aren't going to be strictly MMA talks its going to be gaming news and my experiences hope you enjoy I will be back tomorrow 

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