First day at the gym

well I have to say the moment I stepped into the mma gym I joined I wasn't nervous at all like most people would be I was actually quite happy and excited that im finally going to start doing something ive been wanting to do but didnt have the money to Its not like I was really out of shape I took two steps and I was already exhausted I had already done some "training" at home with one of my friends that had been training for about 8 years so I already came in knowing the basics I guess.

So when I got there I looked around looking art the people training and I thought to my self damn...these guys look tough but they weren't trying to intimidate me they were just doing them it was nice I decided to warm up and hit the bag before the muay thai classes started it was going good but then some big guy approached me and gave me a couple of tips on how to throw my right roundhouse kick so the first day at the gym was pretty cool inside had a great vibe everybody there was serious about training but the weren't being duchy because I wasnt that good keep in mind this was a long time ago I dont really remember details but that was the broken down version of what happened


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  1. yourbloggerbro

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    May 14, 2013
  2. SereneView

    I can relate, i joined a jiu jitsu gym recently and the vibe was very positive. not in any way the meatheaded lame gym i had in mind.

    June 28, 2013